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Le Grand Voyage

In this experimental theatrical clown fable, a family embarks on an adventure into a foreign land.  What awaits them is predictably strange and surprisingly familiar.  Through the language of clowning the cast tells the story of hustles and struggles that we go through when faced with the new and unknown.  Le Grand Voyage is directed by Aelita West, a veteran clown in the acclaimed Slava's Snowshow.  Lost & Found Project is an award-winning troupe, founded in 2011 as a multi-faceted theatre experiment by a group of young NYC-based actors and writers.

Cast: Ronit Asheri-Sandler, Dimitri Koan, Tatyana Kot, Sergey Nagorny,  Ruta Pauliukaityte, Alex Ryaboy, Noam Sandler, Anya Zicer

Directed by Aelita West
Conceived by Alex Ryaboy
Produced by Anya Zicer
Artwork by Natasha Mileshina

Age 7+

Theater for the New City 155 1st Avenue, New York


This project is created as part of COJECO BluePrint Fellowship
supported by COJECO and Genesis Philanthropy Group.

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Le Grand Voyage